Human Stem Cells Institute OJSC (HSCI) is a Russian public biotech company founded in 2003.

HSCI is engaged in drug discovery, R&D and marketing of innovative proprietary products and services in the field of regenerative medicine, bio-insurance, medical genetics, including reproductive genetics, gene therapy and biopharmaceutics.

The Company aims to foster a new culture of medical care – developing new health care opportunities in such areas as personalized and preventive medicine.

HSCI owns the largest family cord blood stem cell bank in Russia – Gemabank, as well as the reproductive cell and tissue bank Reprobank (personal storage and donation).

The Company launched Neovasculgen®, the first-in-class gene-therapy drug for treating Peripheral Arterial Disease, including Critical Limb Ischemia, and also introduced the innovative cell technology SPRS-therapy, which entails the use of autologous dermal fibroblasts to repair skin damage due to aging and other structural changes.

HSCI is implementing a socially significant project to create its own Russia-wide network of Genetico medical centers & testing lab to provide a range of genetic diagnostic and consulting services with the aim of early identification, prediction and prophylactic treatment of genetic disorders (incl. PGD and NIPT among others).

The Company actively promotes its products on the Russian market and intends to open new markets throughout the world.

HSCI is listed on the Innovation & Investment Market (iIM) of the Moscow Exchange (ticker ISKJ). The Company conducted its IPO in December 2009, becoming the first Russian biotech company to go public.

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Biological insurance of skin beauty: the SPRS bank

The Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) offers service "the SPRS bank" starting from April 1, 2015. Now you can have your own fibroblasts stored directly in the HSCI bank.

Service "the SPRS bank" includes:

Taking the biopsy sample from the skin — taking a small (4 mm) fragment of the skin behind the ear under local anesthesia.
Creation of the personalized bank of patient's skin fibroblasts which will be stored in a cryodepository — a kind of "biological insurance" of patient's skin beauty which is available for patients that are 18 – 70 years old.

Why do you need this? Having the personalized bank of fibroblasts, one can get the cell therapy of the skin that requires correction at any of the clinics listed on this website. The bank also allows one to store his (or her) own fibroblasts in order to use them under unforeseen circumstances (burns, different skin traumas).

Diagnostics — conduction of the personalized diagnostic procedure in order to estimate the regeneration potential of the skin on the basis of clonal analysis of fibroblast populations (patent N2466680) including documentation of the analysis results (Skin PassportTM) and their interpretation (the SPRS program).

Why do you need this? The unique way of diagnostics of the skin regeneration potential allows one to obtain parameters on the basis of which physician-cosmetologist can develop for you an individual program for the skin care in order to maintain a good condition of the skin for a long time.

Where are we located?

The SPRS laboratory complex of the Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) is located on the following address: Russia, Moscow, Gubkina, 3, bldg 2.

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